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Firm's History

Muhammad Shaheedullah & Co, Chartered Accountants and Consultants, a Partnership Firm has been established in 1975 with the permission of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) set up as per Presidential Order No-2 of 1973 and it has commenced the professional services on Statutory Auditing, Financial Auditing, Assurance Auditing, Performance Auditing, Comprehensive Auditing, Management Auditing, Special Auditing, Human Resources Auditing, Consultancy, Study (Samikhya) and other matters on Company Law, Income Tax Law, Securities and Exchange Commission Rules, VAT Act, Partnership Act, Commercial Law etc. on and from 1 July 1975. Our Firm is listed by Government, Semi- government, Autonomous body, Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank), Corporation, NGOs, Securities and Exchange Commission, Registrar Joint Stock Company, Stock Exchange etc.


>> Bangladesh Bank, the Central Bank of Bangladesh enlisted the Firm as “Grade A” for auditing the
Banks and Financial Institutions of the Country.

>> Securities & Exchange Commission a regulatory body of Capital Market of the Country under Ministry of
Finance, Govt. of Bangladesh graded the Firm as “Grade A” to audit the accounts of listed Companies (Public Limited Companies).

>> Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) under Ministry of Energy, Govt. of Bangladesh
generating and distributing energy and power classified the Firm as “Grade A”.

In today’s rapidly changing world, having an informed view of tomorrow is vital. That’s where we come in.

Member of ICAB , registered with Bangladesh Government as a partnership firm. Bangladesh bank & security exchange commission has enlisted the firm grade A for auditing the banks and financial institutions.