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Project under World Bank
Project under World Bank

Our firm strictly maintains the following while performing projects.
1. physically verified all the Infrastructure of the Projects by a team of experts like Engineers, Evaluators, Consultants, Performance Auditors, and Executives etc.

2. prepare Technical, Performance and Assurance Audit Report for each Project with consolidation thereof.

3. measure the extent to which the Project is achieving its objectives and Project funds are used for the intended purposes with due care to economy and efficiency.

4. examine the Project Management Systems and Performance to express a Professional opinion on the overall performance of the Project including technical standards, goals and deadlines for achieving Project objectives.

5. verify whether goods, services and works are being used for intended Project purpose including technical assistance provided for the Project and have achieved deserved performance indicators.

6. verify whether amount financed by the Government was in accordance with the Development program and achieved the value for money.

Experience of Financial Audit/ Assurance Audit of Projects under BPDB Financed by World Bank and Foreign Loan Giving Agencies:

>> 100 MW Bagabari
>> Greater Chittagong Power Distribution Project, phase-2
>> PDB East West, Phase-3
>> Central Power Rehabilitation
>> Ashugonj Central Power Rehabilitation 1, 2&3, Unit.
>> 18 Town Power Distribution Project.
>> Greater Khulna Distribution Project, Phase-2
>> Ghorasal Haripur Hasnabad Transmision Line.
>> Meghnaghat Combined Cycle Power Plant.
>> Financial Management UP grade Project.
>> Greater Rajshahi Power Distribution Project, Phase-11

In todayís rapidly changing world, having an informed view of tomorrow is vital. Thatís where we come in.

Member of ICAB , registered with Bangladesh Government as a partnership firm. Bangladesh bank & security exchange commission has enlisted the firm grade A for auditing the banks and financial institutions.