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Professional Services rendered to the Projects
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Firm Performances:
Muhammad Shaheedullah & Co.
Chartered Accountants

Consultancy/ Audit Services under :
>>Ministry of Finance (Bank Audit)

>>Ministry of Local Government Rural Development & Co-operatives (MoLGRD&C) with World Bank

>>Ministry of Education

>>Ministry of Textiles

>>Ministry of Jute

>>Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

>>Ministry of Agriculture

Projects under Ministry of Energy, financed by World Bank Foreign Grants and Donation

>>100 MW Bagabari

>>Greater Chittagong Power Distribution Project, phase-2

>>PDB East West, Phase-3

>>Central Power Rehabilitation

>>Ashugonj Central Power Rehabilitation 1,2&3, Unit.

>>18 Town Power Distribution Project.

>>Greater Khulna Distribution Project, Phase-2

>>Ghorasal Haripur Hasnabad Transmision Line.

>>Meghnaghat Combined Cycle Power Plant.

>>Financial Management UP grade Project.

>>Greater Rajshahi Power Distribution Project, Phase-11


In todayís rapidly changing world, having an informed view of tomorrow is vital. Thatís where we come in.

Member of ICAB , registered with Bangladesh Government as a partnership firm. Bangladesh bank & security exchange commission has enlisted the firm grade A for auditing the banks and financial institutions.